The National Curriculum has provided all leaders with an outline of the statutory requirements of English and it is from this that teachers have outlined the key skills and attitudes needed to become literate.  By being taught systematically the skills needed, with opportunities to talk and share ideas, together with high quality texts from inspiring authors, our children will become confident and enthusiastic writers.  By seeing high quality models of what good writing looks and sounds like, our children are given a clear understanding of what good writing is.  Where possible texts will link with the exciting and stimulating topics that have been shaped to promote the development of pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills in all curricular areas.  This enables children to write from experience (either real, or through role play/drama) or reading/research just as real authors do. Teachers create a positive attitude to writing within their classrooms and reinforce an expectation that all pupils are capable of achieving high standards in writing. 


At Cloudside Academy, we want our children to develop a love of learning and to be curious about the world around them. This will enable them to be resilient, independent and life-long learners with skills that they can apply both within their time in education and beyond. We want children to enjoy and learn about writing, see themselves as writers and develop a sense of how important it is, how it relates to their everyday lives and their role within it. They should be able to develop their own questions and interests and express their ideas clearly and confidently. They will also develop the ability to problem solve and work cooperatively by building and sharing their experiences and knowledge with others and to support each other regardless of their background to become effective authors. 

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