Online Safety


In an ever changing world, where technology is always developing and becoming increasingly part of everyday life, it is paramount that we educate ourselves and our children on how to stay safe online. Within our computing and PSHE lessons, every child is explicitly taught about online safety. It is paramount that all parents and carers are supervising and monitoring their child’s online activity.

From an early age, we stress the importance that no child shares any personal information online. We stress that no child should be communicating with anyone that they do not know and the importance that a parent or carer are monitoring any online activity.

Every child is taught about their digital footprint and are aware that everything posted online will remain online forever. We regularly discuss how we should behave and interact with others online and the importance of remaining respectful at all times. We must consider the impact of our comments on others and the consequences of poor online behaviour.

How can you help your child to be safe online?

Report any poor behaviour online.

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