Visions & Values

Cloudside is a very friendly, caring place where everyone is valued for their individuality and the talents that they have, while also seeing themselves as part of a supportive team. Every child is given the opportunity to thrive while empowering and encouraging others. We create an inclusive culture where our children respect, understand and encourage difference, valuing what each other have to offer the team.

Our vision is to create an environment for our children to show greatness, responsibility, optimism, wisdom, tolerance and honesty (GROWTH). We do this by providing opportunities for every child to show:

Greatness in all we do

Responsibility for all our actions

Optimism for our future and that of others

Wisdom to make informed and wise choices

Tolerance of each other and our beliefs

Honesty at all times

We aspire to ensure that our children enjoy their time with us at Cloudside, whilst recognising our responsibility to prepare them for the next stage in their education and later life. We are proud to be an inclusive school and we actively ensure all pupils feel welcomed, supported and challenged in order to thrive academically and grow as a person. We believe that our children are the key to creating a better future and we must provide them with the skills to do so. We want our children to be curious, articulate, confident, independent and resilient; achieving their full potential in all aspects of the curriculum and their life.

At Cloudside Academy, all members of staff are committed to ensuring every pupil experiences the highest quality provision throughout their educational journey with us. We recognise the importance of our children being able to confidently read, write and be numerate so they can apply these skills purposefully across a range of subjects, contexts and challenges. As a result of the emphasis the school places on communicating articulately, opportunities are created for children to have a voice and express their opinions informatively, whilst at the same time developing vital listening skills to better understand each other.

We provide our children with a carefully considered and constructed curriculum where we identify what knowledge our children must acquire before they leave Cloudside. We provide the best knowledge, building upon prior knowledge, ensuring that all children do more, know more and remember more. Our children are encouraged to become considerate, independent thinkers, who are aware of difference within the world to become informed contributors to the school and wider community, embracing their immediate community but also opening their eyes to opportunities beyond, seeing themselves as global citizens.

Underpinning our whole school drive and ethos is a community of adults who strive for continuous development of their own pedagogical understanding and passion and enthusiasm for teaching and learning. Through the support of the leadership team, staff are confident and challenged to provide valuable learning opportunities and become the most effective practitioners.