Visions & Values

At Cloudside Academy, all members of staff are committed to ensuring every pupil experiences the highest quality provision throughout their educational journey with us. Our vision is for all who work, learn and visit here to be happy, hardworking and successful. Cloudside Is a very friendly, caring place where everyone is valued for their individuality and talents that they have. We are proud to be an inclusive school and we actively ensure all pupils feel welcomed, supported and challenged in order to thrive academically and grow as a person. We believe that our children are the key to creating a better future and we must provide them with the skills to do so. We want our children to be curious, articulate, confident, independent and resilient; achieving their full potential in all aspects of the curriculum and their life.

Our values reflect the needs of our children so they can become well rounded, prepared citizens of the future. Through our values of GROWTH

Greatness in all we do

Responsibility for all our actions

Optimism for our future and that of others

Wisdom to make informed and wise choices

Tolerance of each other and our beliefs

Honesty at all times

Our children are encouraged to become considerate, independent thinkers, who are aware of difference with the world to become informed contributors to the school and wider community.

Every child is given the opportunity to thrive while empowering and encouraging others. We create an inclusive culture where our children respect, understand and encourage difference, valuing what each other have to offer the team.

Our children understand why some characteristics are protected and can speak confidently about how we do so in our school.

Living the Values at Cloudside supports our children with their sense of self-esteem and self-worth, it underpins good behaviours for learning and children are more willing to get involved with decision making. Our values support children in becoming more engaged with the school and they are able to learn better self-control through thinking more through their thoughts and experiences intelligently. Using our values builds strong relationships and allows the school staff and the children to consider how and why they value one another and ensures children are able to have a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. We strive to involve the community in our learning and care for those around us so that our school is a pleasant place to work and learn!