Year 6


In Kingfisher Class we have been learning about life during the Victorian era. We have been looking at the significance of changes, like railways, and what life was like for children too. Our novels Street Child and Far From Home by Berlie Doherty have helped us gain a rich understanding of the experiences of children and how different life was for them compared to now. We are also learning about how our lives have been shaped by significant people who defended the rights of children and insisted that every child deserved an education. To help us process this wealth of knowledge we have used our writing outcomes to create newspaper articles, explanation texts, biographies and much more!

Everyone has been busy bending their brains to find the area of parallelograms and triangles this term! Don’t tell anyone but we found out it isn’t as hard as it first seemed thanks to our Power Maths explanations.

Science has taken us on an evolutionary journey, looking at skeletons to see how animals have adapted to their environment over time. It has prompted us to look at our own families to see where we get our characteristics from. We have made some interesting discoveries!


This half term in Eagles class, we have been learning about the Victorian revolution, we looked at the reign of Queen Victoria, and wrote a newspaper article about her life and her death. We also looked at the impact of the revolution on how people lived and discovered why lots of people moved from the countryside into cities. On top of this we investigated workhouses and what they were really like. We became reporters and wrote two reports, one on the benefits of the workhouse and one on the horrors of workhouse conditions and the jobs that children were forced to do!

In maths, we have been converting between metric and imperial measures, finding the area and perimeter of squares, rectangles, parallelograms and other polygons. We have also investigated what happens to the area of a shape once the perimeter has been changed and vice versa.

In English, we have been reading ‘Street Child’ which tells the story of Jim Jarvis and his escape from a workhouse. We have also been reading ‘Far from home’ which tells the story of Jim’s sisters who didn’t end up in workhouse but were taken somewhere different. Through reading this story we have discovered so much about what life was like for poor children during the Victorian era.

In Science, we have been learning about the theory of evolution and have been investigating different theories about how animals, plants and people have evolved over millions of years. We have also looked at fossils and talked about what we can find out from fossil records.

In computing, we have been looking at networks, and how these work. We have investigated where websites come from and discovered what a web server is. On top of this we have had a go at coding our own HTML code to make our own website!

We have had a brilliant half term whether we have been learning from home or school. We can’t wait till the next half term to start to learn about the Geography of the British empire and the impact this had upon Britain! We will also be continuing our novels in English. In Maths we will be starting to look at the geometry of shapes and will be learning some more about the different types of angles.