Curriculum Information / Statement of Intent

At Cloudside L.E.A.D. Academy we believe that all children are entitled to a curriculum that engages and enthuses and is completely accessible to all regardless of ability. We follow the National curriculum for all our subjects.

In English, each year group plans around a novel and the children will be fully immersed into the book through drama, language exploration and genre investigation. The children will then write for a range of genres during the half term based on the novel. At Cloudside Academy we have a strong focus on Oracy, encouraging the children to share and clearly articulate their ideas as this will have an impact upon their written work. All lessons, throughout the curriculum, are supported with stem sentences and key vocabulary.

The novels selected for the English and Reading curriculum are chosen due to the safeguarding, RSE and protected characteristics within, which is at the heart of how we encourage our children to become well rounded citizens who embody our core values of GROWTH

G– Greatness in all we do

R– Responsibility for all our actions

O– Optimism for our future and that of others

W- Wisdom to make informed and wise choices

T– Tolerance of each other and our beliefs

H- Honesty in all we do

In Mathematics, we cover all National Curriculum objectives, following the Power Maths scheme that is supported with additional challenges, NCETM ready to progress resources and regular arithmetic practise.

We believe that the most effective way for pupils to build their knowledge and skills across the curriculum is through careful planning. Each subject is taught as a discrete subject, identifying links where they are natural. Each subject has been broken down into half termly or termly Composite questions (See curriculum maps). Within each composite question, the children have component questions to spark curiosity and form the enquiry basis for each lesson. Our lesson structure ensures that children make links to previous learning, discover new knowledge, apply the skills independently and review their acquisition of knowledge. The children will make real and valid connections between various subject areas that will, over time, facilitate transference of skills and the building of deep knowledge.

Our curriculum provides first hand, practical and creative opportunities, which allows for pupil independence and choice, helping pupils to learn the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are necessary for them to live as rich a life as possible.

Throughout the academy, staff provide a consistently responsive and effective learning environment, within which every pupil’s ability to communicate is respected, responded to and developed.

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