Curriculum Information

The Curriculum at Cloudside is led and overseen by the Head Teacher.  The Subject Leaders have played an integral part in reshaping the structure and ethos of how the curriculum is planned and delivered. The National Curriculum has provided all leaders with an outline of the statutory requirements of core knowledge and it is from this that teachers have shaped the exciting and stimulating topics promoting the development of pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills.  Subject leaders have been involved in a regular programme of monitoring and moderation, setting out and sharing actions with both staff and children and evaluating the impact of their initiatives in line with the National Curriculum 2014. 

Strong English and Mathematics skills underpin the curriculum at Cloudside. We focus on making it an exciting and vibrant wider curriculum which is built on key knowledge, rich and challenging vocabulary and age appropriate skills to ensure progression through the school, a love of reading and the use key texts throughout the curriculum to promote and add depth to a range of subjects. The book often acts as the ‘hook’ to engage the children, as do our trips, visitors and weekly Theme Days which have all enhanced our curriculum by making it more exciting and vibrant while also ensuring that key knowledge is built upon through varied experiences, rich and challenging vocabulary is used regularly throughout and age appropriate skills are taught, to ensure progression through the school.

We have introduced a blocked curriculum approach which has been implemented to ensure coverage and progression in all subject areas. The Skills, Knowledge and Vocabulary documentations allow for the sequencing of prior learning and the fluent development of new skills and progression from Y3 – Y6 can be clearly planned for and repeated within the year and year on year to secure long term memory. We have created Topics that are creative, fun and engaging but teach the skills of each subject discretely within them.

We work in partnership with parents to nurture well-rounded, self-aware individuals who are challenged in all areas of their learning, whilst also being encouraged to further their own personal passions and talents. Showcase assemblies for whole school and parents provides us with opportunities to showcase learning and talents to the wider school community. High expectations are extended to all ‘home learning’ activities, in order to support progression.

 At Cloudside, we are proud that learning opportunities take place in a range of settings and our classroom learning is supported by a variety of trips and expert visitors. Enjoyment is fundamental to learning at Cloudside and we strive to ignite passion and curiosity. We are keen for the children to gain a first-hand understanding of real-life experiences and seek opportunities to link learning to our locality (including local businesses & professions, places of worship, geographical/historical places of interest, sporting facilities and local galleries). This enables our children to apply their learning within a wider, practical context. We actively promote outdoor learning across the whole curriculum. Our Woodland is used to stimulate Writing, as a base for Maths and English treasure hunts and to develop and carry out real-life Science and Eco projects. Where appropriate, specialist teachers lead on certain aspects of the curriculum, e.g. some sports and cookery.

Every child’s needs are important and where we find children unable to access the curriculum and activities we offer, we will work hard to discover what type of difficulties they may be experiencing. We will endeavour to meet those needs either in-house or with our partners and external agencies in order to support them to become independent learners.

‘Pupil Voice’ is fundamental to learning at Cloudside and the needs and opinions of the children are considered and responded to when planning learning opportunities across the curriculum. Children have the opportunity to take the lead in their learning at Cloudside, asking pertinent questions and following lines of enquiry that are of interest to them, within the context of a wider topic. We offer the children choice and actively encourage them to consider what they want to learn about a topic, which resources might support their learning and how they would like to present their learning. This approach provokes a reflection on the learning experiences (by both children and staff), in considering what went well and what could be improved or done differently next time.

‘Tell me and I forget,
Show me and I remember,
Involve me and I understand.’

In lessons, we cultivate resilience through a range of problem solving activities across the curriculum. Children are praised for their effort and creativity, when working to find solutions, both individually and in collaboration with their peers. Every child is valued and at Cloudside we regularly celebrate the children’s achievements, e.g. in weekly ‘Good Work’ assemblies. Our comprehensive scheme of PSHE lessons, along with a clear focus on positive relationships, well-being and safeguarding, helps to ensure that all children are taught important skills that will help them to flourish, both in their next phase of education and in later life. Our safe, secure approach supports the children in becoming confident, experimental learners who are prepared to take risks. Our Computing units of work ensure that the children will be able to thrive in a fast-moving technological world, whilst staying safe online.

The curriculum at Cloudside deepens the children’s understanding of their rights and the rights of others. This is done through a range of topics, such as History, Geography, English, Religious Education, and PSHE, in addition to regular assemblies. School life at Cloudside is based on clear British values and we nurture all stakeholders to become responsible citizens, who appreciate and respect the diversity of multi-ethnic communities. At Cloudside, we are constantly refining and improving our curriculum and asking the question, “What is working well and what can be improved?” This approach ensures that we continue to offer the best possible learning experience to all the children who attend our school.


We are setting out to develop the whole child and to this end the activities available at this school will be varied and encompass a broad spectrum of experiences in academic, pastoral, creative, physical, philosophical and spiritual realms. Our aspiration for our children is that they live happy, healthy and secure lives both as children and later as adults. We want them to grow in their understanding of themselves and their place in the world, how to care for themselves, their families and the wider environment. We want them to be ‘thinkers’, people who are reflective and able to make reasoned decisions based on clear principles, to be ‘true to themselves’. We want our children to understand themselves within a global community and to make links with other children within their own city, their country and internationally.

It is paramount to us that all children have the basic skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT. We also strive to enable the children to function at a high level in the creative arts, to have independent study skills, excellent social manners and good health and physical development. We are committed to developing children with enquiring minds and to help them gain an understanding of their place in the world, how to sustain that world and to respect the rights of others to share the world with them. We want the children to learn for life, be good decision makers, emotionally intelligent and able to deal with difficulties as they arise both now and in the future.

The curriculum at Cloudside offers a diverse, purposeful and balanced learning experience. A range of teaching styles appeal to all learners. Clear differentiation allows for independence, personalisation and success for all. Rigorous challenge promotes the highest expectations and standards. We seize opportunities to forge quality cross-curricular links, in line with age appropriate standards and skills, which add depth to the learning experiences.

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