Cloudside Academy Statement of Curriculum Intent for Computing

At Cloudside Academy we have a vision for Computing that is underpinned by our students being computer literate by the time they leave Year 6. Every child will have lifelong skills to use a computer in their everyday life including creating documents and communicating in different ways.  Children will understand the importance of online safety and know how to keep themselves safe but most importantly they will understand that life online can be misleading and overwhelming. Children will have a healthy relationship with the internet and understand when it is a trusted source and when it cannot be trusted. This will include understanding that not everything they see on social media is real life and appreciate how to protect their mental wellbeing from online life. Additionally, every child will have a strong understanding of coding and programming. They will have the knowledge to create and debug programs and have the passion to peruse a career in programming. Children will leave Cloudside with the confidence and knowledge to embrace any new technology.