Year 5


All the Kestrels are excited about the year ahead and are getting used to being in the upper school! They have already made a great start on their new topics and are building on what they learnt last year.

In English, we are reading ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’ which is a book set in an American school. It tells the story of Bradley who, at the start of the book, nobody likes but during the book he changes and tries to be a better person because he meets a new child to the school called Jeff. We have looked closely at the characters of both boys and their relationship with the school counsellor called Miss Davis or Carla. We have used different methods to examine their characters including role play. How will the book end? Will Bradley turn into the nicer person he wants to be? We will find out…

This half term in Maths, we will be reinforcing and extending our knowledge of place value to one million. We will be learning about numbers up to ten thousand, one hundred thousand and then one million. We will learn what each digit of a number represents and will be using number lines and equipment to order, compare and round numbers. We will also learn about Roman numerals and negative numbers. We will then move onto using our knowledge of place value to help us add and subtract larger numbers. We will learn how add and subtract four digit numbers including using formal written methods and will use this knowledge to solve multi-step problems.

In Science, we will be learning about forces and how they affect objects. We will learn about gravity, the role of Sir Isaac Newton in our understanding of forces and how to use force meters to measure forces (measured in Newtons). We will learn about how forces act on moving objects including the effect of air and water resistance.

Our overarching topic this half term is ‘That’s Entertainment’. In History, we will be learning how people have entertained themselves during their free time through the ages. We will start with how Romans enjoyed going to watch gladiators and then move onto Greek theatre, medieval jousting and games, Tudor theatre, going on holiday, the introduction of cinema and up to modern on-line methods of entertainment. In Design Technology, we will be building on our understanding of forces in science to examine how different theme park and fairground rides work before designing and building a model of our own ride.

In Computing, we will be looking at how we use the Internet for different purposes and how to keep ourselves safe. This will include creating strong passwords and being able to identify attempts to gain personal information by phishing emails. In French, we will be learning how to explain what pets we do or do not own.

In P.E, we will be improving our swimming skills at West Park Leisure Centre.


Finches have made a fantastic start to Year 5 and are really enjoying all of the topics that we have been learning about.

In English, we will read, ‘A Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom.’ This book focusses on the main character, Bradley and his friendship with the new boy, Jeff. Bradley begins as an unpopular boy who sits in the last seat, last row at the back of his classroom, not focussing on anything that his teacher, Mrs Ebbel, is saying. Throughout the story, he builds new friendships and gains help and confidence from Carla, the school counsellor. We will use drama to explore the ways in which Bradley has changed and we will be writing a diary entry from Bradley’s perspective which will give us opportunities to get into Bradley’s head and really understand what he is thinking and feeling! 

In Maths, we will build on our knowledge of place value. We will begin by looking at the value of numbers up to ten thousand, followed by one hundred thousand and we will eventually be looking at numbers up to the value of one million. We will be ordering, comparing and rounding numbers, using number lines and maths equipment to help us visualise them. We will be using formal written methods of addition and subtraction and this knowledge will support us when working on multi-step problems. Our knowledge and understanding of place value will help us with this. We will also learn about Roman Numerals and negative numbers!

Our Curriculum topic is, ‘That’s Entertainment,’ and in History, we will be looking at how entertainment has changed over the years. We will begin by looking at how Romans were entertained by gladiators, followed by some work on Greek theatre. We will also learn about jousting during medieval times, the theatre during Tudor times and going on holiday in Victorian times! As we reach the 20th Century, we will be learning about the way cinema and film became a huge part of our lives, which will lead us up to modern day, online technology.

In Science, our topic is forces. We will learn that forces are a push or a pull and that they are all around us, all the time. We will be learning about Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity and we will be investigating and measuring using Newtons with force meters. We will also learn about other forces that are around us, such as air resistance, water resistance and friction. 

In RE, we will be learning all about Sikhism and how committed Sikh people are to their religion. In PSHE, we will learn about our rights and responsibilities in our community. In Computing, we are learning all about e-safety and how to be safe online and when using technology. We will be discussing what information we give, share and receive online and the most beneficial ways of communication. In Music, we will be learning about Classic Rock and we will have the opportunity to listen to and appraise lots of Classic Rock songs. We will be learning to sing, play and perform Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi!


In Puffins, we have been enjoying There’s A Boy In The Girl’s Bathroom, which has been the foundation for our reading and writing this half term. We have been writing in role as our protagonist Bradley and thinking about the journey the character has taken and the changes he has made.

In Maths, we have been working through the Place Value unit in Power Maths. We have used number lines and place value counters to help us round and order numbers up to 100,000.

In our wider curriculum, we have been studying a History topic called That’s Entertainment. So far, we have learnt about what life was like as a Roman Gladiator and designed Ancient Greek theatre masks. In French, we are learning how to say what pets we have, whilst in Computing we are learning the importance of eSafety and how to stay safe online.  In R.E. we are thinking about how Sikhs show commitment and in PSHE we are learning about our rights and responsibilities.  By the end of the half term, we will have designed and made our very own fairground ride using different techniques learnt over the weeks in our DT lessons. In Science, we have been learning about what a force is and looked closely at different measuring tools such as Newton Meters.  Finally, in Music we have been rocking out to Livin’ On  A Prayer and having a go singing the song ourselves! We will also be swimming this half term and are looking forward to starting next week!