It is the determination of the Cloudside Religious Education curriculum to ensure that every child will be able to contribute to an ever changing multi faith community by developing tolerance, understanding and curiosity about religions including those who hold no religious beliefs. We want to support pupils to take an open minded approach to all religions enabling them to accept individuals with beliefs different to their own. Through the systematic teaching and deepening of religious knowledge, pupils will develop confidence in the global community which will continue beyond their junior years.

In RE, we want pupils to develop a curiosity about religion and a confidence to ask questions about religious beliefs and practices. We want children to develop a respect for individual religions whilst developing wisdom about the shared values between the world’s major faiths. We believe that through learning about different religions pupils can not only develop knowledge but develop empathy, tolerance and a positive attitude towards Britain’s diverse, multi-faith community. Pupils will be encouraged to develop their curiosity, ask questions and express their ideas confidently with correct use of religious terminology.