Wellbeing at Cloudside

We truly care that each and every child in our school feels happy and can cope with whatever challenge comes their way. We also recognise that for some children, this can be a frightening or worrying experience. Because of this, we have invested into different activities and experiences which help our children feel calmer and able to discuss how they feel.

We provide a safe, caring environment where every child can feel confident to try new things, learn from mistakes and build skills linked to our Trust values of Lead, Empower, Achieve and Drive and the school values of Greatness, Responsibility, Optimism, Wisdom, Tolerance and Honesty. Interwoven throughout our curriculum and across the school, there are a range of opportunities for every child to engage with and live our values, becoming valued and proactive members of the school community.

We are currently working hard to achieve the school’s mental health award, where a mental health action plan has been created and evidence is being gathered for the strategies implemented across school by the mental health team. We have two mental health first aiders:

Miss Wilson

Miss Willoughby

To support every child to have strong mental health, develop strategies to self-regulate and feel heard within school, we provide a wide range of resources, spaces and opportunities. Around the school we have spaces and areas that are calmer and provide the children with opportunities to sit quietly, talk with friends or take time to regulate. We have the sensory area of the playground, the reading hut on the playground and the sensory room.

Each class has their own regulation station. The regulation stations have been implemented to support children when they become dysregulated. Each station has a range of sensory and calming activities that children can interact with for a short period of time. If needed, children will take a timer with them while they access this provision and return to class once they have had their allotted time. Having this time helps children to calm their minds, regulate and refocus ready to learn and reengage with the class.

We provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities that change each term. All children can access the clubs, providing them with the opportunity to interact with friends and children across the wider school while trying new skills.

In addition to these spaces and resources we also have a school counsellor, Katie, who is in school each Friday. Katie will work with identified children to support them with managing their emotions and building strategies to help them. We work closely with parents to support children in need to access this provision. Once a child is identified as needing counselling, parents will be spoken to and sessions will begin. If a child is ready to engage with Katie, they will have 6 sessions to begin with.

Miss Willoughby is ELSA trained. ELSA is an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. Children are identified to receive ELSA sessions, in conjunction with parents, when they have difficulties with friendships, self-regulation and low self-esteem. Following the ELSA framework, the children will complete 6 sessions to build strategies and systems to support them with developing confidence and achieving goals identified in the first session.