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26.11.19 – Year 6 Holocaust Trip

Year 6 are currently learning about WW2. As part of this learning they went on a trip to the Holocaust centre. While there, they learned about what it was like for a Jewish child living in Germany during the war. They were able to see lots of artifacts and replica scenes like a street in Berlin, a classroom and a shop. At the centre we also heard a talk from a man (Simon) who survived the war and we were able to ask him questions.

15.11.2019 Children in Need Bake Sale

Bake off comes to Cloudside! The children and staff enjoyed wearing yellow and clothing spots and Pudsey bear for Children in Need, raising lots of money for a good cause. We held a bake off and sold these wonderful cakes to raise lots of money. Look how talented our children and families are.

6.11.19 – Kingswood

The Year 6 children had a very soggy but thoroughly enjoyable residential to Kingswood. We completed lots of activities such as jungle vines, archery and night line (which was the best!). 

Kingswood was an amazing trip despite the length of the journey. I love how when it was an activity the leaders said a chant to repeat. Every activity gave you the opportunity to try something new, at your own pace, while supporting the rest of the children in the group.

Sam P 

6.11.19 – Year 6 Mathematical Scavenger Hunt

Year 6 enjoyed completing a scavenger hunt on the playground. Each question linked to skills that they have learned so far in Year 6. Once they answered the question, they were given a clue to find the next question.

It was really fun and it got us being active while using our mathematical skills.

Freya H

24.10.19 – Pumpkin competition.

Cloudside got into the Halloween spirit. Look at the amazing participants in our pumpkin carving competition. What a tremendous effort the children have made with their imaginative designs.

8.10.19 – Visit from a chef

Year 6 have been looking at how to keep our hearts healthy. As part of this work they learned about healthy meals and had a local chef come into school to cook with them. They loved making apple crumble- especially the taste testing at the end!

I really liked the Chef visit because it was really interactive. We helped her to make the crumble plus it was delicious to taste. We looked at how nutritious each ingredient was and replaced some ingredients with a much healthier option.


4/10/2019 – Urban Pioneers – Graffiti

As part of our new curriculum, the Year 3 children have been immersed in the topic Urban Pioneers. As part of this topic they had a visit from a graffiti artist. All of the children had the opportunity to participate in creating a piece of graffiti artwork on the wall near our bike racks. 

It was really good because we got to work with two special people who were actual graffiti artists! We had to spray different colours on the wall and eventually the word said Cloudside- we had built it up layer by layer. This art linked to our learning about the artist Keith Haring- who is a famous 1980’s Pop artist and Mr Doodle who is a present day You-Tube artist.

26.9.19 – Clay hearts

Year 6 make hearts out of clay, using all of their knowledge of the heart to support them. They carefully crafted the key features using the clay tools.

It was really enjoyable when we were making our clay hearts because the clay was easy to manipulate and it was messy! We had to use water to help us craft the clay into our desired shapes, making sure that we got the correct size (the size of our fist) and the right structure. We needed to make sure the Pulmonary artery and Aorta was prominent at the top.


23.9.19 – Year 5 Air resistance experiment

The Year 5 classes have been designing and completing scientific experiments with the focus of air resistance. They created a variety of parachutes to identify which material would be the best.

When we were put in groups and made parachutes it was really fun. The best part was going outside and dropping the parachutes. We used a range of materials and changed the length of the strings. It was interesting that our predictions didn’t match the final outcome.

22.9.19 – Year 6 Modroc hearts

Year 6 have been learning about the heart through their topic of blood heart. They learned about all of the functions of the heart and the different features. They used this information to create their own hearts, which were made out of Modroc.

I enjoyed how creative it was and how it helped us to understand the human heart. We had to think carefully about the important parts of the heart and replicate them in our design.