At Cloudside Academy, we have a vision for Art that is underpinned by –

Our students gaining key observational skills to intrigue them with a vast knowledge of an art enriched curriculum going to places of interest, having familiarity with theatres, zoos, museums and galleries etc. Art and Design enables children to express themselves and our aim is to inspire them to pursue a life-long passion for Art and stimulate their imagination and creativity.

We want to teach children about Art in different cultures and communities, to enable them to think critically and develop a deeper understanding of Art and Design. Children will become intrigued by Art, Artists and movements allowing them to interpret the purpose behind artwork. This will enable them to build a respect, inquisitiveness and appreciation of Art and Design, which they will carry with them throughout their lives, encouraging them to develop their own vision for Art. Through learning about the roles and functions of Art, children will explore emotions and messages allowing them to become open-minded individuals to the world of Art.

Our curriculum is heavily underpinned by the importance of vocabulary ensuring our children can use key artistic vocabulary in the correct context daily. The ability to ask questions of art works and express own opinions and feelings positively. Opportunities to practice formal elements will be embedded across the Art curriculum through the use of individual sketchbooks.

We want to inspire our children to develop links in learning to real life and future careers to become the next generation of artistic role models, designers, pattern makers, to name a few and achieving their dreams through gaining Art degrees.

Overall, we aim to provide an Art and Design curriculum that gives children the opportunity to fall in love with Art and results in knowing more, remembering more and understanding how knowledge and skills can be applied in their own art work.