Year 4


During this term, our main topic focus has been Raiders and Traders. In our history lessons, we having been learning about the Anglo-Saxons, how they came to, settle and eventually rule Britain.

Alongside this, we have been conducting different experiments in science relating to sound, learning about the religious customs of the Jewish religion and discussing our hopes and dreams in PSHE.

Moving on from ‘my family’ last term, the focus of French has revolved around animals whilst in Art, Year 4 are researching and developing our skills of creating sculptures.


During the Spring term, we are learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings! We want to find out if they were always vicious and always victorious…

We have been reading ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ by Joe Todd Stanton, a tale of an unlikely hero and his epic adventure. We will be doing some exciting writing around this text, like persuasive letters to Arthur and even ‘the lost chapter’ about his adventures.

In Science, our topic has been sound, and we have been doing some amazing experiments for our home learning. We have been exploring how sound travels to our ears and how we can change its volume and pitch.