Year 4


During our first term back at school, we are reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. This text tells the story of a giant, metal robot who is discovered by a young, adventurous Hogarth. The young boy has the intent of helping him as the local farmers aim to rise up against the Iron Man. We are reading this text in order to create a detailed diary entry and a persuasive text.

In maths this term, we are working on our place value knowledge alongside improving our ability of using various different resources and methods to help and support us with our learning.

The topic our learning is focused around is “Urban Pioneers” where we are looking at the importance of fair trade food with relation to food miles and food distributions. We have completed some very interesting and important research, which has helped us realise the impact buying fair trade food can have on those living in other countries.


In Autumn 1, Wrens are reading the Iron Man, By Ted Hughes. The Iron Man is a fearsome figure, wreaking terrible destruction wherever he goes. Can he be stopped? The children will be doing some fantastic writing around this story, exploring the themes and messages within the tale. We will be writing a diary entry as the characters, as well as a persuasive letter to the Iron Man himself!

In Maths, we are learning all about place value and how to round four-digit numbers!

Our topic for this term is Urban Pioneers! In Geography, we are learning about where food comes from and how far it has to travel to get to our plates. In Science, we will be exploring what it means to have a balanced diet and learn all about the human skeleton and the muscles that support it. Sticking to the theme of Human bodies, in Art we will be studying the work of Anthony Gormley (famous for the’ Angel of the North’) and making our very own sculptures that show posture and movement.  

The Wrens have got a very exciting term of learning ahead and we can’t wait to produce some fantastic work!