At Cloudside Academy, we want our children to develop a love of learning and to be curious about the world around them. To want to explore how it works and how different natural phenomena can be studied and explained through the process of science. This will enable them to be resilient, independent and life long learners with skills and knowledge that they can apply both within their time in education and beyond. We want children enjoy learning about the natural world and develop a sense of how responsibility about its future, how it relates to their everyday lives, their role within it by making wise personal choices and how it affects their future so they can develop optimism in the ability of science to solve problems and improve people’s lives. They should be able to develop their own questions and interests and express their ideas clearly and confidently.

We believe that through learning about science children can develop a range of skills, knowledge, understanding of concepts and positive attitudes which will be built on progressively through their time in the school. They will also develop the ability to problem solve and work cooperatively by building and sharing their experiences and knowledge with others and to support each other regardless of their background to become effective scientists by developing their tolerance of each other and honesty in their opinions and results. We want them to begin to think like scientists and become independent and resilient learners. They will be encouraged to develop their curiosity, ask questions and express their ideas.