Statement of Intent

It is the determination of Cloudside to ensure that every child will become resilient, well rounded, independent learners who will all have the building blocks to become successful, moral adults who live a healthy lifestyle and have the knowledge, experience and confidence to follow their aspirations.  

We passionately believe in providing a curriculum that is inspiring and engaging for all children, because if children are interested and excited in what they are learning, they make great progress.

Our curriculum aims to:

  • Enable children to acquire sequential knowledge, vocabulary and skills, which are secured through application over time and in different contexts in order to develop understanding (change in long term memory ) and allows them to seek meaning and achieve personal growth – taking them beyond experience;
  • Be progressive and based on both consolidating and revisiting content to secure progress over time;
  • Teach our children to be self-motivated, independent and resilient by developing inquiry-based skills that allow them to make mistakes and learn from them through reflection.
  • Develop aspirations through experience and knowledge with a secure understanding of the ‘world of work’
  • Actively support children to take responsibility of their own personal development, allowing them to have respect for themselves and others, knowing how to behave and self regulate behaviours, forming stable and healthy relationships and understanding how to keep themselves safe in a variety of relevant situations and this ever changing digital age.
  • Create compassionate, courageous and curious children who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society and who strive for excellence in the work they do. 
  • Embrace the community in which we are situated, recognising local history, heritage, geographical and business links.